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  • Preschool & Kindergarten

  • Junior (11 years and under)

  • Intermediate / Senior (18 years and under)

  • Adult (19 years+)


Costs are per entry.

Solo $15 / Duo $20 / Trio $30 / Groups of 8 or less $30 / Groups of 9 or more $40

Payments methods:

  • In person at Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre. 

  • By cheque to: 10401 10th street, Dawson Creek BC, Canada, V1G 3T8

  • By E-Transfer to:  / Password: kpac2020 (please include information in the notes section of the e-transfer including names, email used for registration, and which submissions are being paid for.)

  • Studios may pay for all entries in one payment, if doing so it will not be necessary to include information for each individual performance but please specify that you are covering all of your studios registered performances.



A classical dance form demanding grace and  precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patters to create expression through movement.


A form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion for rhythmic and syncopated footwork.


A dance technique based on isolation of the body and /or contraction release. Jazz combines upbeat dance styles with elements of ballet and is influenced rhythms and technique.



A dance that is generally performed to slower tempos and       interprets the intent of that piece of music.  This category uses soft jazz technique and style utilizing facial and body emotion to portray an idea, story, mood or feeling.



Dance suitable for a stage or musical production, cabaret, a    review, live theatre, etc.  Contents must be predominately dance, choreography should have a character base to it without straight line work; must be composted of a diversified vocabulary of steps and may utilize any dance genre. Live voice is not permitted; lip-synching is permitted.


A constantly evolving form of dance that relies on individualism and personal style and emphasizes the expressive power of  movement – should include but not limited to choreography that incorporates a blend of contemporary funk and street style with jazz technique.  May include moves such as gliding, popping, locking, waving, and utilize house, old school, and new school. May also include gymnastics/power moves or any series of tricks or stunts as long as music, costumes, and lyrics are age appropriate.



Free movement of dance, encompassing various dance disciplines with modern technique as its underlying base.



Participants must perform only those dances listed on their entry form.


The time limit for all dances cannot exceed 3 minutes.  All selections MUST be accurately timed and stated on the entry form.


  • Any reference to violence or derogatory sexual content or language will NOT be permitted.

  • Music for dances must be credited (please enter relevant music credits in the virtual submission form)

  • The performer/studio is responsible for ensuring that copies of recorded music comply with all copyright restrictions that apply to the source material.


  • Videos may be made using any recording device and using any format. Professional videography will not enhance performance as the quality of the recording will not be adjudicated.

  • It is recommended that the camera should be stationary at least 4 feet from the ground, positioned far enough away from the dancers to see the entirety of the performance.

  • Allowances for use of a hand-held camera will be made for a performance space too small to film the dance with a stationary camera

  • Video recording must be one continuous take.

  • Editing is strictly prohibited other than to cut extra footage at the beginning or end.

  • No special effects, lighting effects, audio effects or over-dubbing may be used.

  • Additional microphones may be used to improve the audio quality of the video recording, but audio and video must be recorded and mixed simultaneously during the performance. (i.e. No post-production mixing)


Links will be provided to participants to view performances by their fellow competitors. These links will only be valid for the times that will be posted in the schedules section of the PRSFA website.


Adjudication will be sent to all participations after April 16, 2021 in written and pre-recorded video format. 


Placings are at the discretion of the adjudicators.


Participants in the Festival with notable performances & selected by the adjudicators will be asked if they would be interested in participating in the Honours Concert at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre. Highlight performances from all disciplines of the Festival will be showcased with a year end video showcase.